June 14, 2017


Quiz Night

Here at the Nabs Head we hold a quiz every Tuesday night (starts around 8pm).

Questions cover all sorts of topics and range from easy to difficult (they are all easy if you know the answers  )

There is a £1 entry fee per head and team limit of 5 persons (stretched to 6 if needed – its a FUN quiz not serious.)

There are 5 rounds of 5 questions and 2 rounds of 10 questions (including a picture round).

  • Winners receive 60% of the entry money and a FREE bottle of wine (Red or White House Wine).

  • Runners up receive 30% of the entry money.

  • In the event of a Tie a tie-breaker question will be asked, with the team guessing the closest answer declared the winners.

Free Supper


FREE Supper is provided half way through which helps break up the quiz and gives everyone the chance to refill their drinks.

Once the quiz is finished we take a short break then its straight into Play your Cards Right.

  • 50 pence per strip of 5 raffle tickets. (Drawn by staff or a third party not entered in the game).

  • The drawn ticket holder then attempts to claim the prize pot by going higher or lower on 10 cards.

  • Two tickets are drawn each quiz night – each ticket holder may play only once.

  • If the prize fund is not won then the pot rolls over to the next week.

  • There is a cap of £150 for the maximum prize fund, any entry fees after that are kept in reserve to help kick start the next prize pot once we have a winner. Once the second pot reaches £150 the main prize pot then increases each week.

Play Cards Right