Tapas Night

Every Tuesday between 5pm and 7:30pm you can now try our Tapas Menu.

Mix and match dishes of your choice, on your own or share with friends

Aceitunas Mixta £2.45

Mixed olive bowl

Pan £2.25

Crusty bread basket


Pollo Satay £3.50

Chicken satay with peanut sauce

Pan y Hummus £3.50

Pitta bread with houmous & salsa

Chorizo £3.50

Chorizo sausage with hot onion pickle

Tomate, Queso Feta y Aceitunas £3.50

Tomato, feta cheese and olives with extra virgin olive oil dressing

Hojas de Parra Rellenas £3.50

Vine leaves filled with rice, onion, mint & dill in a Mediterranean tomato sauce

Albondigas £3.50

Spicy meatballs with tomato & oregano

Patatas con Aliole y Salsa Piguante £3.50

Golden potato wedges with garlic mayo & salsa dips

Calamares £3.50

Golden coated calamari strips with sweet chilli dipping sauce

Pollo Teriaki £3.50

Teriaki marinated chicken with sweet chilli dipping sauce

Buy 4 for £12